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Milton Inclusion & Diversity Initiative

The Milton Inclusion & Diversity Initiative (MIDI) is working to establish a Milton that values all residents and visitors. Formed to hold our leaders accountable, MIDI works with local officials and organizations to ensure our town is an equitable and inclusive community for everyone. 




De-stigmatizing conversations about racial and social disparities is the first of many steps we have taken to address the very real and harmful realities of racism in Milton.


By partnering with MTSD we're beginning to address curriculums that inadequately portray the identities, contributions, & cultures of marginalized groups within our history.


Through on-going relationships with community organizations we're establishing a culture that actively engages citizens to recognize our individual responsibility in addressing a collective problem.


By maintaining recurring conversations with community leaders, MIDI works to make officials aware of the realities that people from marginalized backgrounds are experiencing in Milton. 

We are striving to ensure that those tasked with leading our community forward are appropriately responding to and actively mitigating the racial and social disparities that members of our community regularly encounter. 

Strategically bridging the gap between the voices of Milton's citizens and its leaders serves to improve the lives of everyone who calls Milton home. 



Get Involved

Getting involved looks different for everyone. We all have unique skills and perspectives that can contribute to what MIDI is accomplishing. No matter the work, we need more hands, eyes, and ears to continuously bring our community forward. Every voice matters and everyone has something they can contribute. Help make posters! Represent MIDI on different committees! Bring your perspective to our meetings! Together, there is no limit to what Milton can do and become.


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